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As the widow of David Senez, Jr., I would like to describe a little history of David’s journey and how this establishment began.

David, a thirty-three year old father of one, battled a rare brain tumor for eight years at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Although he underwent surgery and radiation in 2007, the tumor came back in 2010. To the astonishment of his care team at MD Anderson and after undergoing Gama Knife Radiosurgery in the Summer of 2010, we were miraculously blessed to welcome a baby boy, Preston Senez, in the Spring of 2011. Despite a good year of stability, the tumor again came back in 2011. Before his son’s first birthday in April of 2011, we traveled back to Houston for David to undergo more radiation and chemotherapy. Shy of just a year after his last dose of radiation, the tumor began to reoccur in 2012, in which he began chemotherapy that showed no promise. In the summer of 2013, he began clinical trials at MD Anderson.

Due to the rare nature of his tumor, known as hermangiopericytoma, there is currently no known standard of care. Therefore, with the help of amazing family and friends, we were able to explore alternative medical treatment, such as intravenous vitamin, hydrogen peroxide and photon therapies.

He experimented with two trials, before the opportunity came for him to try a new treatment, known as laser ablation, to give him some relief. After two laser surgeries, the tumor continued to grow onto his brain stem. After a relentless journey, Dave gained his angel wings on June 30, 2014. As all his doctors, family, and friends would describe, Dave was truly one of the strongest, most positive people to ever endure this challenge. He never once showed fear or weakness. To continue his legacy, our mission is to spread his love and care to others called to this challenge, and to continue his fight to find a cure.

Despite all David’s medical challenges, he earned his Architectural Degree from Delgado Community College in December of 2010 and ran a construction company (Chances R. Inc.) with his father. In between numerous doctor appointments for test and treatment, David continued to work as much as he could, even though the harshness of the medicine kept him in bed at times. With the lost of most of his sight, he became unable to work in the last six months of his journey.

As his widow and high school science teacher, his will and strength has and continues to provides me more hope than I ever thought possible, for the unknown to become closer to a successful treatment plan. I have never known a person to have more love and genuine concern for all mankind.

The establishment of our foundation began in David’s name to help our own and many others, like David, continue to have access to alternative medicine, when standard treatment is just not enough. With the help of an annual Brain Tumor Race, we look forward to providing funds to research and helping others with the financial burden of the extraneous travel expense

The goal of the David Senez, Jr. Foundation is to continue to make a difference in the fight against Brain Tumors by providing assistance with travel expenses for others and to provide private funds to research that is not currently receiving government funding, such as Anti-CD47 Research conducted at Stanford University. With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements in this fight.

Thank you again for your generous support to our efforts.

L. Senez


  1. Mona Leingang says:

    I am the founder of Louisiana Gray Day for Brain Cancer Awareness. May 9th is on the Louisiana state calendar as Gray Day every year. Senator Mary Landrieu announced it in the Senate last year.
    I would love to partner with you in some way. Gray Day in itself is not a fundraiser. It’s a day of awareness. Please contact me if we can post announcements of Gray Day in conjunction with your event.
    I founded the day in memory of my husband Gary Leingang who died in 2010 from brain cancer. The La. legislature passed/established La. Gray Day in 2013.
    I am so sorry for your loss. I will support your cause.
    Mona Leingang 504-251-0200

  2. Shannon Levron says:

    I don’t know you, and didn’t know your husband. But I know his sister Joelle and I’m related to her by marriage. It was heartbreaking seeing you guys’ struggle but inspiring to see the bravery you and your husband showed through his journey. And the bravery you continue to show and the way you are still honoring your husband. So glad you were able to have a piece of him live on through your son. God bless you, your son, the two of yall’s families, and this foundation. I know your husband would be proud.

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