2016 Joggin for the Noggin



This year’s “Joggin for the Noggin” was honored to be supported in honor of :

Vincent “Paw Pete” Caruso, Sr. (1937-2016)


Vincent Caruso, Sr., better known as Paw Pete, not only believed in our mission, but demonstrated his commitment to our cause from the beginning of our establishment in 2011. He was preceded in death by his grandson, David Senez, Jr, who is the reason we began.

2014 “Joggin for the Noggin”


Nerli Weber Grather (1927-2016)


Nerli Grather is the mother of Cindy “Puddy” Kooke, who is a loyal volunteer. Ms. Grather was a well known educator in St. Bernard Parish, who was deeply committed to her community.

The David Senez, Jr. Foundation sincerely thanks the Caruso and Grather families for their generous support to Brain Tumor Research.

This year’s Joggin for the Noggin was a huge success. Thank you for all of your continued support. See you next year, May 13, 2017!



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