Where Has Our Efforts Been in 2015

January 2015- Meet Mr. Kevin Morgan and his family. Mr. Morgan braved through a Glioblastoma, and gained his wings at the end of 2015.

Kevin Morgan Jna 2015 Kevin Morgan Jan 2015

May 2015-  Our foundation had the grace of meeting Ms. Melissa Duhe and her wonderful family. Ms. Duhe is braving through a  Glioblastoma for a few years now.

Melissa Duhe


July 2015- We extend your generosity to this special little angel, Miss Isabella “Bella” Meyer. Meet Bella and her family. Miss 9 year old Bella has been braving through an Astrocytoma, since the early age of 2. We graced her with “Bella’s Day Out.” The St. Bernard Sheriff’s Street Crimes Unit surprised her with their badge of honor, presented by Major Chad Clark.

DSC_6420DSC_6405 copy DSC_6403

Bella’s Day of Beauty was made possible by Salon Finesse, All About Me, Bonomolo Limousine, and Austin’s Restaurant.

Isabellla Meyer Thank you DSC_6416


September 2015- Meet Mr. Seth Becknel and his mother. Mr. Becknel recently underwent brain surgery, and is back to his happy self.


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